Our web design agency was created in 2006 with a team of 3 web designers, and 2 representatives. We formed to provide quality websites, web properties and marketing designs for small businesses at affordable prices.

Growing steadily, our business increased as a result of many of our clients referring others to us. We grew our team and maintained an In-House operation; designing websites, logos, landing pages, and other web marketing properties.

Repeatedly we received calls from business owners who wanted a website and online presence, but were being quoted astronomical amounts for a website. When an agency discovered they could not afford $3,000+ for a website they would not talk with them.


Many said they used business cards, brochures and cold calling to promote their business, but they reported that one question they would often or most always get from a potential customer was “What is your website address?”

When they did not have a website they noticed that the potential client did not seem interested in talking with them any further. Some were told “Anyone can get a business card printed today, how do I know you really are a business?”

Statistics show that 94% of individuals expect a business to have a website!

We understand that some businesses don’t have a budget established for a website, or just can’t afford to pay $3,000+ for a website.

All businesses are not the same. We believe a business should pay only for what they need in getting a website for their business. Some businesses do not need the specialized forms, crafted apps, automated messaging, and more.

All businesses need a quality website displaying their services and products; showing the legitimacy of their business.

We created “A Website for Every Business Budget.”

Our web design agency is designing quality websites for businesses that are established and new starts. This is intended for business owners who are serious about being in business.

Understanding the pains of growing a business; we priced our services and products at very affordable prices; and provided top quality websites and marketing designs in a timely manner.

We grew our agency and created another division for Hosting. We know are able to host all websites that we design, and properly maintain them with the latest FTC rules and guidelines that all websites are required to have.

In 2009, we were affected by the economic crisis. We made a decision as a dedicated team to continue serving clients, at an even more reduced rate. This was a hardship on all of us; but we remained focused and continued serving our clients.

As a result, we continued on in faith; believing that we would bounce back, AND We Did.

In 2020 due to the Corona Virus, we were forced to all work from home. Because of our line of work and product servicing we continued creating, designing and building marketing funnels for businesses from home.

We have structured our agency to work in assigned teams; all still working home. Our clients continue to receive specialized care from an assigned team. We have become acclimated to this new way of serving our clients, and it is working.

Remembering what we went through in 2009; our agency made a decision to help other businesses affected by the Corona Virus. We are designing websites and creating marketing funnels at an extremely reduced prices.

We want to help make a difference. We have been there before; and plan to focus and work through this with as many small businesses as possible.

Our agency is comprised of hard working, experienced, web design professionals who work diligently to provide quality service to our clients.

If you are a serious business owner, who wants a website to get the online presence your business needs you should contact us. We Can Help!

~ eLocal Website Designs